Cultivating Food and social justice in the Philippines and Cambodia

This article is part of the publication “Crash barriers for a post-COVID 19 food and agricultural system,” a collaborative publication that aims to highlight how a post-COVID-19 food and agricultural system should look like from a left perspective. It is facilitated by several regional offices of RLS and joined by authors from countries like India,…

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Global Solidarity for An Internationalism Of The Future

In left-wing discussions worldwide, the call for a “new internationalism” is growing ever louder. In the Guardian, former US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has called for the foundation of an “international progressive movement”. According to Sanders, a political project should be established that opposes the “international authoritarian axis”-a project that stands for a “vision of shared prosperity,…

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“We Must Transition from Dirty Coal to Renewable Energy”

Activist Pius Ginting looks at the impact of Chinese investments in Indonesia Pius Ginting works for the Indonesian environmental organization Asosiasi Ekologi dan Emansipasi Rakyat (Action for Ecology and People’s Emancipation, AEER) based in Jakarta. AEER struggles for the improvement of natural resources management and helps build sustainable relationships of communities with their environment. He was an active…

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