Indonesia Solidarity Movement During Restriction: A Case Study of Solidaritas Pangan Jogja

September 2022

Purnama Sari Pelupessy


The Indonesian government released a restriction policy in response to curbing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions significantly impact almost all sectors, particularly the food and logistics sectors, creating food insecurity and a chaotic situation at the grassroots. On the other hand, community initiatives have emerged to overcome the grassroots vulnerabilities through the food and logistic solidarity movement. How do government policies significantly impact food insecurity, how do people move towards solidarity to the grassroots level? This paper explores the Indonesian government’s paradigm and solution in dealing with pandemics and initiatives from people to raise the solidarity movement. This paper uses a qualitative descriptive to dissect the power relations over class during a pandemic. This study concludes that community efforts to build food solidarity and logistics can be a global solution.

This paper is part of our series “Lessons learned from Covid-19: Transforming a Global crisis to global Solidarity.” Download a PDF for the full series here.

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