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A Report on Southeast Asian Community Responses in Covid-19 Times

As the whole world reels under the impact of the unprecedented health crisis brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been little attention on its effect on grassroots communities and marginalized sectors. This is particularly important given the haphazard and erratic manner of some governments to contain the contagion given a situation where health…

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Bus to the future

Nickel plays an important role in the portrayal of the electrical vehicle battery as one of the solutions to air pollution and climate change. However, in the Global South, where most of the raw materials needed for building these new and more efficient machines and devices are sourced, the rising demand for electric vehicles is…

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Social media platform features alternative grassroots narratives in Southeast Asia

With assistance from RLS Manila, the Program for Alternative Development (AltDev) of the University of the Philippines Center for Integrative Studies (UP CIDS) produced the social media platform, Lawan. Lawan is the vernacular of resistance in much of Southeast Asia, an apt name for a platform created to showcase grassroots narratives in the time of Covid-19 in various…

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